First Baptist Church of Matawan

Our Beliefs

We believe that all mankind are sinners and that God graciously saves sinners through faith in Jesus Christ. To learn more about this good news and what it means for your own life, listen to the message in the video below, or click here for a written explanation. Please contact us if you would like to talk to someone about your personal spiritual situation.

We believe that the Bible is the word of God, and we are serious about knowing, believing, and obeying what it says. As God’s word, the Bible has the final say on what our doctrine, our church practices, and our personal lives should be like.


In order to clearly state what we believe, the members of First Baptist adopted the 1853 New Hampshire Baptist Confession of Faith in 1856, then unanimously reaffirmed it as our statement of faith in 2015. Since we are a member church in the Fellowship of Independent Reformed Evangelicals (FIRE), the FIRE Common Confession may also help clarify our teachings.

Come and Visit!

Worship services are at 10:15 am on Sundays.

232 Main St, Matawan, NJ 07747

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